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Weather storms are a common problem for many Dallas/Fort Worth homeowners. At B&C Quality we understand that the safety, security, and warmth of your home starts with a solid roof over your head. Although your roof acts a the most protective layer of your home, it is also the one that is most exposed to weather damage.

Our team keeps up to date on zoning laws, building permit requirements, and homeowners association guidelines, so that our customers can rest assured that we'll install your new roof the right way, the first time, on time, and within your budget. We pride ourselves on solid workmanship and excellent customer service, and when you hire us for your roof installation project, you'll get a dedicated team of professionals every step of the way.



A representative from B&C Quality General Contractors can come out to your home or business and perform a free damage inspection, in order to verify that you have roof damage before filing a claim with your insurance company. This helps our homeowners avoid raising their rates and keeps the insurance companies loss ratio at a minimum.

If confirmed, B&C Quality can meet with your insurance adjuster the day of the inspection to better represent you and your interests. We know that dealing with insurance companies can be complicated and confusing, that is why we are here-- to make sure that you understand the process and ensure that you are properly taken care of. 

Once your insurance company is on board, we will proceed with scheduling and perform the work that was agreed upon by the homeowner and insurance company, ensuring unmatched quality throughout the entire process. 


When your roof suffers major damage due to weather-related events, or if it should spring a minor leak, don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself. This could lead to more serious issues and could even cause personal injury. It’s just not worth it in the long run— Instead, let the skilled specialists at B&C Quality handle your roof repair needs.

In the event of a storm, our professional crews can quickly secure vulnerable areas to prevent further damage, then plan for permanent roof repair, that will protect your family and property. We can also document the damage and assist you in filing a homeowner’s insurance claim.